Sunday, October 31, 2010

Purple Paint

Several months ago, maybe even a year ago, (time flies when you're having fun) our shower head was wobbly. I thought it added personality to the house. Willie thought it needed fixed. He was, of course, right. However, my reservations were founded when he knocked two holes in two different walls. He did patch them, but these patches still needed sanded, re-filled, primed and painted. I decided to tackle this project during this deployment, even though all logic points a different direction. 

As all projects do, this has morphed into a money-making machine for Lowe's. After purchasing all of the necessary materials, I began the project and have now a new Lowe's wish list. In removing the towel hooks, I succeeded in punching two new dime-sized holes into the wall. The list was started: Putty. Next, I moved on to taping up and painting one section of the bathroom. It turns out that the paint department mixer guy thought that my walls would be better served by a light purple rather than the smoky blue I had chosen. Two gallons gazed at me from the drop cloth like a pair of googly eyes. Light purple it is.

In my mess of children and paint supplies, I smudged the trim and noticed about an hour later. Second item on the list: White trim paint. Morgan woke up from her nap. I decided to use the old Saran wrap trick over the paint pan so that it wouldn't dry out. Third item on the list: Saran wrap. What's a little dried up paint? I have two gallons. 

Studying the purple putty-patched wall, I decided that with the right accessories, it would be fine. With the right pair of shoes and the right necklace, any outfit can be redeemed, right? Maybe not all things can be redeemed by accessories, but certainly with the right amount of denial.

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