Monday, July 2, 2012

No plain piece of paper is safe in our house. Several times in the past couple of days, Willie or I have printed off a document only to find it decorated later with stick people and animals in various colors. We have even given up cleaning for guests. We figure no one really notices the dirt when there are so many bright colors to look at. Decorating is way more fun than scrubbing.

This new relaxed take to cleaning has been especially nice lately since we've had visitors quite often. Our kids noticed about a month ago that we have neighbors their same ages. In the beginning, children would just disappear. That is the worst feeling a parent can have: "wait. It's quiet. Did I lose the children?!" Our neighbors and I worked out a system where we threatened our children with many types of miseries if they made an unauthorized visit and then ask the neighbor children whether they had their parents' permission when they show up. I think the system is working. If it isn't, the kids aren't telling.

Sometimes the kids clean the tub instead of just color it. Last week, we were watching a couple other kids when I heard one crying. I found three of them in the tub covered from the waist down in body wash. They had turned the tub into a skating rink. It was fun until their hands also got covered and then couldn't move without falling. We're all about good, clean fun.