Monday, May 30, 2011

Chocolate Bunnies

Two days before Christmas, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. After receiving the news one friend asked, "Are they going to hack anything off?" A very good looking plastic surgeon hacked off something in January. Before going under, the surgeon asked if my mom was ready. "I'm sure you've seen better," she replied, "but I guess I'm as ready as possible." My intrepid mother made decisions no one should have to make, received news with grace, and pondered her circumstances with a sense of humor that only comes from knowing that God is in control.

Recently, I attended one of her appointments with her. Apparently, only attractive people are allowed to work in plastic surgery offices. As I strolled through the glass doors, I had to wonder if the staff takes bets on what visitors would like to have done.

After the appointment, we hit the mall. You need to see some train wrecks after you've been to a high class clinic. Halle found a purse that looked almost identical to a chihuahua. Grover's mom needed it, she said.

"What could Grover's mother possibly need it for?" I asked.
"To put chocolate bunnies in for Grover."
Of course that's what Grover's mother would use it for. I wished my mother had chocolate bunnies in her purse for me. The purse looks so real that a dog actually sniffed its butt when we were at a different store.

We left feeling more blessed than before we had come. The greatest blessing is seeing my mom well and to have such an intrepid mother to begin with. But not too far down the list is Grover's mom's purse.