Saturday, July 9, 2011

Golf Cart Towing

This past weekend, I learned to drive a golf cart. I also learned where to have golf cart chargers fixed when you're in the Outer Banks. In putting the golf cart into reverse, I accidentally tested its towing capacity. Sure enough. A golf cart can jerk its charger off the wall and tow it a couple feet. We went to the beach, wore the kids out, and then put them down for a nap. While my friends monitored supposedly sleeping children, (I did hear that Halle pounced on a sleeping Morgan a couple times) I slipped out. I went to "John's Golf Carts" and, I assume, spoke to John.

"I think I need a new charger," I said.
"A new one is going to cost you 400 dollars," he replied. "But I can fix just about any charger for around 50 dollars. I've fixed them when they've looked like they were hit by a truck. Do you have it with you?" Of course I didn't have it with me. That would have been too easy. It was 4:45, he closed at 5:00 and we were leaving the next day. "I'll tell you what," John said. "I'll stay open for you if you go back and get the charger. I'll fix it while you wait."

The traffic was so bad that it took an hour to travel three miles. But I retrieved the machinery, took it back to the shop, and John was impressed by the damage. "Holy mackerel!" he exclaimed. I guess the regular mackerel didn't cover it. But amazing perhaps both of us, he fixed it right up.

It always amazes me how God takes care of us: it really doesn't matter why we need bailed out. Even if we did something incredibly stupid, He is faithful. And I appreciate that He occasionally uses even holy mackerel.