Wednesday, October 6, 2010

dog smell

We had to drop Monkey Cat off to get spayed this morning, a fact that greatly dismayed Halle and elated her father. My only concern was that Monkey Cat would be rather hungry, since she refused her "Super Supper" cat food both yesterday and today. Perhaps the name should be changed to, "Sordid Supper", because not even the dog would touch it. Feeling the need to both satisfy the animals and clean out my fridge, I served them some leftovers. This was, of course, a rookie mistake.

We arrived home from our outing, and the first thought that entered my mind was, "Why does my house smell like dog poop?" The answer came by way of the hall. Grateful for laminate flooring, I counted my blessings: 1.) I found it before the kids did, 2.) It hadn't hit the rugs, 3.) I did have a clean refrigerator. Just then, Morgan charged forward, crawling at top speed. "NOOOOOO Morgan!" I cried, rushing the infant. But I was too late to save her from slipping and belly flopping in the mess. Just then, I noticed the rug. It didn't used to be brown.

As I cleansed the house and cranked some air freshener, I ordered Halle to use the restroom herself. I disposed of the garbage outside and came back in to find a new puddle, this one from the kid. When it rains, it pours. I cleaned the children up and washed my hands for about ten minutes. I really do have a lot to be thankful for. And my fridge is still clean.


  1. Kara,
    You are a great writer with such interesting stories, I enjoy reading!

  2. Thanks, Diana! I appreciate the encouragement.