Friday, May 4, 2012

Surgery #7

The best thing about hospitals is that they are temporary. (This is the same as to say that nothing is the best thing about hospitals.) You can get through just about anything with pain pills and the knowledge that it won't last for long. Willie had surgery almost a week ago and I discovered that I have basically conquered the hospital. I felt sorry for the rookies in the waiting room as they tried to entertain themselves. Here are my rules for waiting:
1. Leave the waiting room immediately after your loved one is taken back. You are going to be hungry, and there is no way you'll find out anything for hours. This is the best time to find the only vending machine that carries Cheetos. You're not supposed to eat in the waiting rooms, so you should also practice eating really sneakily. 
2. Sit next to someone entertaining. If you lose interest in your book, you can eavesdrop. I sat next to a lady with dementia who was convinced that she had caused something awful to happen. My great grandmother used to eat toilet paper so I'm pretty sure I'll end up as one of those old ladies. 
3. Bring a cell phone charger. If you're anything like me, the only person who calls you on a regular basis is your mom. But at a hospital, your phone blows up with text messages and phone calls from all sorts of people. I realized during this hospital stint that I have exactly six people programmed into my phone that I don't know who they are. 

This hospital stay was the best one so far. The surgery went better than expected. God took care of everything just like always, and my Mom was able to fly out to help. Grandmas are very important, special people even if they don't know how to work remote controls very well. 

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